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September 3rd 2015
Aaron, Perth
Just found Honey B on vinyl, a great song! Glad to see you have a dedicated site!

January 11th 2013
Robert Auld, Kwinana
Wow, so great to remember the best Perth band ever. The Raffles was my hangout and the Fonzies were the boys to watch. Saw many others there too, but the fun the band brought to the night was unmatched .
There should be a reunion tour… wooohooo imagine that. reliving 1983…

January 5th 2013
Michelle, Perth
I loved this band! Mostly saw them at the Overflow and Raffles at the age if 17 with my fake ID. Caught them every Fri, Sat and Sun if I could. Even asked for autographs . Had pub poster on my wall. I’m now 46 and was telling my teen about laying on floor waving legs in air. Best Perth band ever. Love to see them again!

November 6th 2011
Simon Czarnecki-Sindl, Melbourne
Watching the blues brothers again tonite. As usual couldn’t stop thinking about The Flying Fonzarelli’s and the most excellent times I had in Perth when I was in My 20’s. Nostalgia is dangerous, however I cant forget these good times at The Floreat, Raffles, Herdsman. Good fun, harmless fun,having a good laugh at our ridiculous dance moove’s. I probably stood on your toes by accident (sorry), Take care of your selves in your late 40’s. Regards Simon

March 28th 2011
Annabel, Perth, Dianella
Those were the good ol’ days.Summer days at Scabs, doing boglaps in town in the boyfriends Sandman. No 3 carpark on Friday & Saturday nites with all the so called kool guys and their cars. GT’s, Torana’s & Pannelvans all on show. Those were the days when riding around in the back of a Sandman, with the back up, breathing in the exhaust fumes, was the norm. No seat belts but a good thick mattress to help cushion being thrown around & into one another in the back of the van when it would take off,wheels spinning, when the van came to a screeching halt with the overwhelming stink of burning rubber & fishtailing it around corners & slammin into the curbs…ouchy.

These were the days when we used to walk and pick up mates on the way to school. Surfs- the white shell necklace. Rocks-black d bs & the black bonds t.Punks-??? Drive in movies, hopping from one mates car to another and then back again. The animal shirt,under the flannelette shirt & the stubbie short. Grey,blue & brown levi jeans the boys wore to school. Up the Mighty Royals-BarryCable!!! Australia & the West Indie-Common Aussie common.

But the weekends were for seeing a band at the pub. Using someone elses id, they were never checked properly, to catch The Flyin Fonzarellis, The Boys, The Frames & V Capri at the Generator, Floreat, Nookenburra, Balga Stagedoor, The Charles, The Herdsi hotel. Yes they were the best ever days. As wild as what we thought we were there was still an innocence about it all. We hitchhiked, we talked to strangers, we stayed out to the early hrs of the morning partying with people we might have bumped into leaving the pub or a niteclub. Remember Gobbles, Pinochio’s & Beethovan’s which was always followed up by Plaka’s shishkababs in Northbridge.Yeah we did stupid, crazy & downright dangerous things, things we’d NEVER let our kids do but hey, i think our generation did alright. Great bands, great music, great pubs & clubs…THEY WERE THE BEST EVA DAYS…

October 29th 2010
Maxine, Perth
God this brought back memories of the Sunday session at the Floreat and nights at the raffels dancing the whole time as close to the stage as we could get

September 13th 2009
Jude, Perth
Wouldn’t it be great if all you guys got back together just one more time. It would be such a buzz and such an event – totally amazing. Play us one more gig!

August 19th 2009
Andrew, Perth
Used to watch you guys almost every Thu, Fri, Sat and Sunday sesh…Following Trish, Anthea and their gang of friends…

What a time…

August 2nd 2006
Tony Kiek. Adelaide, Cambridge UK, and now Sydney
Are there any gigs in the offing. I’m looking forward to downloading your music and perhaps making some midi files of them.

July 10th 2006
Kat Goddard, Perth WA
Great to see the site up and running. You guys rocked the weekends and Perth hasn’t really seen another band with the same enthusiasim and energy that you guys displayed. Thinking of doing a reunion gig? Looking forward to catching up one day soon! Be Well Guys

June 5th 2006
Eric Erickson
You guys still alive? I’m amazed I am – but YOU guys!!!!

August 27th 2005
Andy Makin, South East Queensland
I aint seen over 500 dancers lying on the floor shaking their tail feathers at any other gig since, and I’ve been at a lot of gigs! To Richard and Alf: You put a great band together and gave heaps of people a ton of fun, you are legends!

August 26th 2005
Neil Frazer, Perth
Hey Marty
Long time no see, You have been busy! well done, good to see ya still rockin’!

August 24th 2005
Aaron Hynes, Perth
Hey Martin!

Great to see the spirit of Perth’s music livin on. Rock on!

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  1. I was at the show at the University of WA tavern. Must have been about 1983. I had way too many tequilas but i do remember this as one of the best gigs ever. So much energy that night! It was wild.

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